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BRYS BUZZ :: Overview

292 Meters || 81 Stories || 291 Residences || Price 3.75 Cr. Onwards || Expected Possession 48 months || Land Area 7 Acres

The location

But the euphoria was short lived. As I went through my thoughts again and again it brought me face to face with a much bigger problem—a befitting landscape that would provide the backdrop for my grand ambition. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and I didn’t have what I was looking for. That was one of the most tortuous times of my life. I must have scavenged acres of land all around NCR but none seemed exciting enough. Those were trying times but I didn’t lose hope.

Then one day took me to Sports City in Sector 150 of Noida. It was close to Noida Expressway. As the SUV I was travelling that day came to halt I waited for some time for the dust the wheels had thrown to settle down. It wasn’t a view a poet would have marveled at. But the builder in me knew that I had struck a goldmine. I knew that at last I had found the perfect setting for BRYS BUZZ.

The pièce de résistance turned out to be the fact that it offered something no place in Delhi NCR or for that matter any metropolitan city in the country can offer—a plethora of sporting facilities, both outdoors as well as indoors.


Challenges by nature throw more challenges. They test our commitment and provide us with an opportunity to prove our mettle. For me that moment of truth had come when I realized the kind of homes I wanted to build. Though I knew that the task I had set forth before myself would not be easy but I never realized how difficult the proposition would ultimately turn out to be.

I left finalizing details for some other time. What kept me engaged was arriving at a design. Some of
the benchmarks I had set before myself were:

  • It had to be nothing but the best. Something of the sort India had not yet woken up to.
  • It had to be the tallest. The only limiting  factor would be the building laws.
  • Design-wise it had to be exclusive. The building had to inspire awe.
  • As far as facilities were concerned they had to be at par with international standards.
  • And most of all the building should have green footprints by maximizing the use of energy efficient technologies.
What started next was the most challenging part—finding an architect. We literally turned into globetrotters. Hopping from one city to another we stayed at best hotels, visited landmark structures such as Burj Khalifa, understood their inherent design principles and getting feel, in general, of what makes them exclusive. Simultaneously we also interacted with the best minds. Picked up their brains while keeping a constant look out for the architect before finalizing upon H-AO Architects, Dubai as the Principal Concept Architect of BRYS BUZZ.


The brief to the architect was simple. No doubt the building had to be spectacular but yet at the same time it had to confirm to the toughest international green norms. We wanted to turn the building into an energy efficient structure. We wanted it to become a dynamic complex interacting positively with the environment, saving energy, maximizing use of renewable energy sources and conserving resources while improving indoor air quality. We wanted BRYS BUZZ to be built as per most stringent international LEED Platinum green building norms of US Green Building Council.

It is easier said than done. First of all constructing green building is a costly proposition. But savings through lower operating costs over the life of the building offsets the initial premium. Secondly, since the buildings today are closed structures they also increase the chances of respiratory diseases, allergy, asthma, sick building symptoms and reduce performance in general.

In light of the above we knew that BRYS BUZZ had to provide adequate ventilation through a high-efficiency, in-duct filtration system. The construction material and interior finish products had also to be such that they improve indoor air quality and prevent emission of toxic gases such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) etc. We wanted to give you homes, which are not just four walls and a roof above but also keep you healthy.


I knew that BRYS BUZZ had to be spectacular. For me it was not just the structure but interiors as well. That the building should breathe fresh energy was taken care of through strict adherence to international green building norms, what came next in my priority was to impart BRYS BUZZ the touch of technology.

For inspiration I looked the world over and visited some state-of-the-art buildings. My stay in some of these landmark hotels such as Armani, Burj Khalifa in Dubai and visit to a few private homes led me to Home Automation System.

You may say that there is nothing new in this as few buildings in the country already offer this facility.
Agreed, but what will make Home Automation System at BRYS BUZZ stand apart from the rest is the technology that will go into it. In the common parlance it will be what separates iPhone from other smart phones.

At BRYS BUZZ not only the technology will be robust but it will also be scalable and foolproof. The BUZZTAB to control various functions such as drawing/closing of curtains, dimming/brightening of lights, unlocking the main doors etc. will not be a low-cost product. Rather it will feature latest specifications, with high-speed processors and bright displays. At BRYS BUZZ, rest assured, I am taking utmost care to give you a home, a person of your stature truly deserves.


Yes, I wanted BRYS BUZZ to be stunning but above all I wanted it to be an experience. It meant taking BRYS BUZZ to the epitome of experiential delight and offer what no building can even think of providing.

What I had at BRYS BUZZ was one of the tallest exclusive residential buildings in India. It led me plan facilities and amenities that made optimum utilization of its height. So at BRYS BUZZ, you not only have a helipad at the crest of the building but also get a jogging track at the topmost levels. At nearly 300 mt. above the ground you also get to enjoy Club with facilities such as Observatory Deck, Lounge Bar, Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Sky Garden… the list goes on and on.

Closer to birds, closer to clouds and closer to stars and the moon, it opens before you a stupefying world, a faint glimpse of what you may have had only in fairy tales.

Down below at the lower levels we have brought you a world of your own. We have planned BRYS BUZZ as a self-sustaining complex with in-house Hyper Market, Salon, Drycleaner, Laundry, Housekeeping and In- room Dining Facility amongst others. In short, we’ve ensured that at BRYS BUZZ you’ll lead a lifestyle that will complement your stature.


Obviously, the concept of building had turned out to be spectacular. The facilities were great. It offered fine lifestyle. It was energy efficient and had green footprints. But something still lurked in my mind. “Is a building only about its structure? Agreed BRYS BUZZ offered the finest of international living experience, but what about its interiors? Was it as plush as I wanted it to be?
It was chance remark by one of my friends and I knew I had my answer. Meeting with Tonino Lamborghini CASA followed. I came out excited not just because their work was incredible but the fact that BRYS BUZZ would have a dash of coveted Italian touch, that too of as incredible lineage as Lamborghini.
With this last piece of puzzle falling in place, I knew that my quest to create one of the most luxurious high-rise signature residential apartments was over.


Still there was one more thing that lurked in the corner of my mind. At first they appeared to be tiny, insignificant, something of the sort which are left for the residents to manage themselves in due course of time. But this was not to be the case with BRYS BUZZ. Right at the outset I had committed myself to build a home that would outdo any other residential structure in every aspect and this was the time to take it further.

My team and I sat down for a longish brainstorming session and we made a list of things that, if they existed, would make life really easy for the residents when they shift in to their magnificent homes. It was a longish meeting and took some days for us to arrive at the whole lot of facilities that we wanted to incorporate.

What we had wanted was to ensure that the residents of BRYS BUZZ don’t have to fret and fume for any trivial matter. After all we are committed to make our residents to lead a magnificent lifestyle that is truly international and comparable to none.

BRYS BUZZ :: Features


Highlights of Sports City

Features of the Building

  • Located in the heart of the Sports City, Sector 150, NOIDA
  • Adjacent to Noida-Greater Noida Expressway
  • 15 minutes straight drive from South Delhi
  • In close vicinity of India’s first international F1 Racing Track
  • 50 minutes drive from IGI Airport
  • Adjacent to Delhi-Agra Yamuna Expressway
  • 10 minutes drive from International & Leading university
  • Close proximity to reputed global schools
  • Golf Course (9 Hole)
  • Cricket Academy & Stadium
  • Multipurpose Playfield
  • Tennis Centre
  • Swimming Academy and Pool
  • Pro-Shop/Food & Beverages
  • IT Centre/Administration/Media Centre
  • Internal Roads & Parks
  • Hospital/Medicine Centre
  • Indoor Multipurpose
    Sports Hall offering:
    »» Gymnastics
    »» Badminton
    »» Table Tennis
    »» Squash
    »» Basket Ball
    »» Volley Ball
    »» Rock Climbing
  • Iconic 300 mtr. tall 81 storey super luxury residential building.
  • Luxurious and spacious 3, 4, 5 & 6 BHK residences with varied options ncluding duplexes.
  • Sky villas having unique rooms designed to offer panoramic views of the Expressway and the City.
  • All units facing Golf course / Expressway with 270o View.
  • 6 levels for all social activity needs.
  • Wide sundecks, terraces and balconies attached to living spaces.
  • Private Plunge Pools and Terrace Garden available in all residences.
  • Luxurious low-density complex (360o Open)
  • All areas of the project are accessibility compliant for elderly & differently abled residents.
  • RCC structure design for Seismic Zone IV.
  • Self sustaining Skyscraper inspired from SAVE OUR PLANET MOMENTUM.
  • Green concept, compliant with LEED Platinum rating of US Green Building Council.
  • Zero waste water discharge building.
  • Energy efficient equipment-BEE rated.
  • Solar energy- Street Lights.
  • Latest Building Management System (BMS).
  • Preferred Parking space for zero carbon emission vehicles.
  • Indoor Climate Control System.
  • Alternate energy generation through Solar Power.
  • Spectacular hard and soft landscape with plenty of water elements.
  • High Efficiency Water Heater.
  • Efficient Household Appliances.
  • Proper Ventilation.
  • Deck style balcony with plunge pool & terrace garden
  • Water Quality Protection.
  • Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Water efficient personal plunge pool in each residence.
  • Conservation of water.
  • Efficient use of landscape and minimum possible damage to the earth.
  • External permanent finish with permanently installed external façade cleaning mechanism.
  • Building fully compliant with International Fire Safety norms with fire resistant main door, dedicated fire lift and Helipad provisioned for Air Ambulance.
  • Deck style balcony with railing in stainless steel with toughened glass.
  • Triple height grand 5 star entrance lobby at upper ground level.
  • 111 lifts.
  • 11 high speed elevators with efficient and State-of-the-Art vertical transportation system for travel within the building
  • Key card access system.
  • 1 lift for each duplex apartment.

Smart Home Benefits

  • Light a path for night time bathroom trips
  • Instantly create mood lighting
  • Heating and cooling of individual apartment using VRF system with outdoor A/C equipment and indoor units shall be concealed type with wall/ceiling air outlets.
  • Each bedroom and living room with independent room temperature control.
  • Fresh air to each apartment as per international standards.
  • Control devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile phones to control smart home.
  • IT system (Voice/Data/Internet/CATV) as per latest EIA/TIA standards in each room.
  • CAT-6A/7 based structured cabling system suitable for high speed data transfer.
  • Fully flush aesthetical intelligent switches and sockets.
  • 100% diesel or gas fired generator back up including provision to run airconditioning systems.
  • LED based energy conservation lighting. Lighting design as per international standards.
  • Lighting control system and dimming system.
  • Activity based lighting level customisation
  • IP based video door phone interconnected to main entrance from each apartment.
  • WAP (wireless connectivity) provision in all apartments.
  • IP based Satellite Antenna TV (IPTV) system.
  • Servant/Driver call system.
  • Open/close window coverings by BUZZ APP.
  • Each bedroom shall have outlets for telephone, IPTV and Internet.
  • Mobile boosters for higher floors.
  • Voice Evacuation System and Fire Detection System.
  • Fire telephones for two-way communication in each floor staircase landing and from lift lobby.
  • Sprinkler system for the entire apartment as per NFPA and NBC standards.
  • Easily add devices to create an integrated smart home security system.
  • Built-in security ensures integrity of smart home.
  • Air ambulance facility.
  • 6 levels to meet all social needs.
  • 5 Star luxury services managed by Hospitality Division of brys group.
  • Highest observatory deck in North India - beautifully landscaped.
  • Plush lounge and jogging track with a perfect viewing gallery perched at the top of BRYS BUZZ.
  • Helipad located at the top of the building.
Highest altitude Club floor at the top with astonishing features like:
  • Observatory Deck with perfect viewing gallery.
  • Jogging Track.
  • Multi-cuisine Restaurant with Lounge Bar.
  • Fitness Centre of international repute.
  • Yoga & Meditation Centre.
  • High-end Spa.
  • Half Olympic size swimming pool, 3 large landscaped sky gardens with mini-pools, children play areas & socializing areas.
  • State-of-the-Art Community facilities for all age groups.

BRYS BUZZ :: Location Map

BRYS BUZZ :: Location Map

BRYS BUZZ :: Site Plan

Site Plan only available on request.

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 2 BHK + Study ResidenceBRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 3 BHK Duplex Platinum Lower level

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 3 BHK Duplex Platinum Residence Upper levelBRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans  3 BHK Gold Residence

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans   3 BHK Platinum ResidenceBRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans   3 BHK Villas

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 4 BHK Duplex Residence Lower levelBRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 4 BHK Duplex Residence Upper level

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans  4 BHK ResidenceBRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 5 BHK Duplex Residence Lower  level

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 5 BHK Duplex Residence Upper levelBRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 6 BHK Duplex Residence Lower level

BRYS BUZZ :: Floor Plans 6 BHK Residence

BRYS BUZZ :: Specifications

WALLS Internal walls finished with mixture of Acrylic Emulsion Paint, Texture paints and Wall Papers.
FLOORING Mixture of imported marble, vitrified tiles, hardwood flooring and anti-skid tiles for balconies & washrooms.
DOORS & WINDOWS 8’ feet high polished doors with frames with elegant design in Teak/Mahogany/imported or equivalent wood with doors & windows in balcony with imported Aluminium/UPVC or equivalent with combination of double/single glazed panels.
Open-plan interiors make the most of large living and dining areas extending to kitchen.
Note: Main entrance door will be fire resistant.
BALCONIES Deck style balconies in all rooms.
1.2 m high-secured balcony railings at higher floors for safety.
KITCHEN Elegant modular kitchen with all fittings, cooking hub, chimney, dish washer and R.O. System.
TOILETS Imported/branded W.C., wash basin, wall tiles and C.P. fittings with accessories.
ELECTRICALS Modular switches, Touch Panel control, cove and ceiling lights with LED lighting in some areas.
WARDROBE Reputed International branded wardrobe.
FIRE SAFETY Smoke detector and sprinkler system as per international norms. Helipad on top of the building for evacuation in case of
AC VRV/VRF System for the residence with cool and warm facility as per the need. Fresh air in all residences.
SECURITY Access control cards and video door phone for each residence, EPABX system linked to each residence with Controlled &
Monitored Access Point to the project for higher safety of the Property & Residents.
INTERIORS Interior design options available through leading Tonino Lamborghini & other International/Indian interior designers on
SMART HOMES State-of-the-art smart home with latest features

BRYS BUZZ :: Price List

MAR, 2014

Cash Down Construction Link Plan
INR 20,000/- per sq. ft. INR 22,500/- per sq. ft.


Check into a luxury 5 star hotel for next 4 years*
Win a lamborghini car*
Trip to italy*
Tonino Lamborghini CASA with Brys Buzz special plans
*conditions apply

Basic Sale Price (per sq. ft.)

Cash Down Flexi Payment Construction Link Plan
12,500/- 13,500/- 14,500/-


First Floor to 30th Floor (Golf Course Facing) 300/- per sq.ft.
30th to 40th Floor 400/- per sq.ft.
41st to 50th Floor 500/- per sq.ft.
51st to 60th Floor 600/- per sq.ft.
61st Floor onwards 800/- per sq.ft.
Note: PLC will be added in the basic cost of the residence.


Basement /Podium Car Parking Charges (Minimum 2 Parking mandatory for each residence) 4,00,000/- each
Lease Rent 95/- per sq.ft.
Interest free maintenance Security & Capital Replacement Fund 5,00,000/-
Club Membership (Mandatory) 5,00,000/-
Electric Installation & 100% Power backup Installation charges 40,000/- per KW
*1 Sq. Meter = 10.764 sq. ft.


AREA (sq. ft.)


2 BHK - STUDY 3000 48 to 49
3 BHK - GOLD 3250 44 to 47
3 BHK - PLATINUM 3600 1 to 12
3 BHK - VILLA 3750 60 to 64
3 BHK - DUPLEX - PLATINUM 5000 54 to 59
4 BHK 4200 13 to 26
4 BHK - DUPLEX 5000 50 to 53
5 BHK - DUPLEX 6900 36 to 43
6 BHK 8250 27 to 29
6 BHK - DUPLEX 7000 30 to 35
VILLA 8000 65 to 67

BRYS BUZZ :: Payment Plan


At the time of booking 10%
Within 30 Days of Booking 85%
On offer of Possession 5% + Additional Charges


At the time of booking 10%
Within 30 Days of Booking 30%
On the completion of structure up to Ground Floor 20%
On the completion of structure upto 20th Floor 20%
On the completion of structure upto 40th Floor 15%
On offer of Possession 5% + Additional Charges


At the time of booking 20%
On start of foundation work 10%
On casting of first basement floor roof 10%
On casting of 10th floor roof 10%
On casting of 20th floor roof 10%
On casting of 30th floor roof 10%
On casting of 40th floor roof 10%
On casting of 50th floor roof 10%
On casting of 60th floor roof 10%
On offer of possession Additional charges
  1. Cheque/Bank Draft in favour of “BRYS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD.” Payable at NEW DELHI/NOIDA.
  2. Additional charges shall be payable before the possession of the residence and sub-lease deed execution.
  3. Service Tax, VAT or any other tax levied by the Competent Authority will be extra and payable by the buyer(s) on demand.
  4. Registration, Stamp duty and misc. charges will be borne by the buyer(s) on the execution of Sublease.
  5. All the mentioned prices in price list are in INR.

BRYS BUZZ :: Construction Update

Construction update only available on request.

BRYS BUZZ :: Downloads